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ADCH Contact Point's Skye's The Limit AX AXJ MXF BCAT CGC TKA

Date of Birth: 8/18/2018

Black and White Male

Height: 20"

Weight: 40 lbs.

AKC DN55238201

Skye is a true delight to have as both a training partner and a companion in everyday life. With his high drive, he approaches every challenge with enthusiasm, yet possesses a remarkable off switch and a wonderful temperament. Skye's eagerness to explore new experiences and his exceptional intelligence make him a quick learner, always ready to take on any task presented to him.


He shines particularly bright in agility competitions, showcasing his incredible speed, agility, and precision. Skye's dedication to the sport is evident as he competes in prestigious venues such as AKC, USDAA, and UKI. But his talents don't stop there – he's also a skilled participant in nose work, dock diving, and FastCat, continuously expanding his repertoire of skills.


Skye's versatility extends beyond the sports arena, as he has logged numerous miles hiking on high Sierra trails, adapting effortlessly to new environments. When it comes to leisure, Skye's playful side emerges, and he delights in engaging in spirited games of tug, retrieving discs, and taking refreshing dips in his own pond at home.

Litters sired by Skye

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