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Date of Birth: 9/12/19

Blue Merle Tri Female

Height: 17"

Weight: 26 lbs.

AKC & ABCA registered   


Kim x Kelvin

Contact Point Border Collies - Kim

Prim lives with my friend Susana who has two other CPBC's Nina and Fleur.  Susana is Prim's guardian home and has raised her from a puppy.  Prim has had one litter of pups in July 2022 and will be returning back home to Susana, Nina and Fleur when the pups go to their new homes.  Prim is always willing to learn new tricks, play, swim and do whatever fun activities Susana can think of. She is very smart and has a great attention span and loves to work  She is also very well mannered and sweet and is great with people and dogs.

Litters whelped by Prim

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