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PL Meadow 

Date of Birth: 11/27/2020

Black and White Female smooth coat

Height: 19.25"

Weight: 32 lbs.

ABC No. 506037

AKC DN69316301

Meadow is a friendly and sweet girl.  She loves to play and is always up for a game of frisbee.  She born on a cattle ranch in Montana and her father is a littermate to a very nice dog that I had named Jax.  Unfortunately he passed away at a young age from poisoning.  There was a nationwide recall on the food and unfortunately that didn't happen until a few weeks after he had passed away. After Jax passed I was searching for a related dog and found Meadow's sire.  She's got a great temperament and I'm really happy with her.

Litters from Meadow

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